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Airtalk, Interview on KPCC 89.3. June 9 2016

In the fall of 2015, students at Pomona College started a petition urging the administration to update the school’s promotion and tenure requirements for professors. Among the changes they wanted is for professors to be required to foster “inclusive classrooms that support diversity and equity” on campus.

That appeal has now become a reality.

Diversity as a Tenure Requirement

Hurley said that Pomona wanted a policy that clearly applied to all departments, and that said diversity wasn’t just a plus, but a requirement. “The college is now asking you to think about who your students are,”

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Alum of TC’s Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship believes education needs to respond to students’ cultural orientations

“So much is framed around this idea of ‘fixing’ minority children,” says Hurley, Associate Professor of Psychology & Africana Studies at California’s Pomona College. “We’re always trying to figure out how to tweak their motivation, change their outlook, make them fit into this image we have of the ideal student. We’re not meaningfully considering how to make education fit the children.” School should focus on accepting children for who they are and on educating them by building on what they bring to the table, Hurley says. “The overwhelming majority of the children are fine, I promise you, and learning at an alarming rate. They may not be learning the things we want them to learn, but that’s on us, not them.”

This is Posse at Pomona

Gaines credits part of his decision to come back to Pomona to not wanting to be the student who dropped out and broke up the Posse group – a cohort of 10 students from Chicago urban high schools, and he says, to the support of his Posse faculty mentor, Psychology Professor Eric Hurley. Dion Boyd ’16 agrees. “We come from a place that is extremely different from here, in every sense of the word. But, we are extremely close, we love our mentor Eric Hurley and we love each other,” says Boyd.

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