Psychological Approaches to Human Behavior

Course Description

In this course you will be introduced to the study of human behavior in the traditional and recent methodologies of psychology. The course will include an exploration of research that has offered new insights into the relationship between socio cultural contexts and human functioning.

Course Outline

  1. Overview of the field and subspecialties, Some history
  2. Brain & Body, Mind & Behavior: Brain, perception & the ice-pick lobotomy
  3. Remember. Forget. Re-Remember? Memory
  4. The Smallest Meaningful Unit of Study is the Child-in-Activity-in-Context. Development, Cognition & Intelligence
  5. Democratic Sanity Abnormal behavior? Therapy
  6. Social Hour. Emotions, Relationships, Aggression, Racism

Course Requirements

Exams: There will be 2 in class essay exams during the semester which cover all lecture and supplemental reading materials only.

Mastery Quizzes: There will 8 online quizzes covering materials from the text modules only. These are mastery quizzes worth 2.5 points each. Students must get at least 8 of the 10 items correct to achieve mastery and receive the points for a quiz. There is no partial credit for any quiz.

Laboratory Reports: There will be 2 Laboratory assignments designed to let you experience the nuts and bolts of the scientific research process. Students will submit a brief lab report for each activity.

Independent Research Project: Students (individually or in groups) will conduct a psychological study from start to finish and will make a public presentation of their work at the end of the term.

Class Discussion: Grades will depend on the frequency & quality of your participation in class discussion and on attendance.

Experimental Participation: Extra credit. One % point each.