Isms, Judgement, Aggression and Threat in the Liberal Arts Context: People are nice here, Right?

The stereotype threat literature talks as if people are afraid of some ethereal “being judged as stereotypical” and so advises us to talk them out of it (the fear) even if its true they might be judged, because its not helping (and there are worse things in the world than being judged). But Judging is silent. Judging is personal. You might be judging me right now. But I can only guess and it would be wasteful for me to perseverate about it if all you were going to do is silently and privately judge me. But there is a whole other literature on what people tend DO with their judgments’ beside sit around feeling self satisfied.

In short. They use those judgments to justify executing and as ammo in carrying out various forms of AGGRESSION.
In this workshop we discuss the likelihood that people are more troubled by the actual (micro, macro and plain old) aggressions that they face (which happen to go hand in hand with the judgments on which we are all too focussed). I would argue that their reaction in performance situation is more a symptom of the more general threat and insults they face on a daily basis . And if that is true, then Steele’s suggestions seem less practical. Click below for a PDF of selected slides.

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