Cooperative learning and achievement: Theory and research

Given the substantial body of research on cooperative learning and the widespread use of cooperative learning techniques, it might be assumed that there is little further research to be done. Yet this is not the case. Although there is fair consensus among researchers about the positive effects of cooperative learning on student achievement, as well as a rapidly growing number of educators using cooperative leaning in all levels of schooling and many subject areas, there remains much confusion, even controversy about why and how cooperative learning methods affect achievement and most important, under what conditions.

Author(s): Slavin, R.E., Hurley, E.A., & Chamberlain, A.M.
Publication: W.M. Reynolds & G.E. Miller (Eds.), Handbook of Psychology, Volume 7 (pp. 177-198). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
Year: 2003

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