Cooperative learning in the social studies: balancing the social and the studies

More than twenty-five years of experimental research in schools indicates that outcomes, particularly achievement outcomes, are affected by how teachers structure and implement cooperative learning methods.  One can think about effective use of cooperative learning in social studies as being attentive to both the social and the studies. This chapter begins with a review of those cooperative learning methods that have been most researched.  Following this is a discussion of the elements of those methods proven to impact achievement and social goals, with an emphasis on strategies that have been applied in the social studies, and that have been researched in comparison with traditionally taught groups.

Author(s): Slavin, R.E., Chamberlain, A.M., & Hurley, E.A.
Publication: Stahl, Robert J. & Van Sickle, Ronald L., (Eds.), Cooperative Learning in the Social Studies Classroom: An Introduction: 2nd Edition, Tempe Arizona: National Council for the Social Studies Bulletin.
Year: 2009

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