Self-Construal, Culture and Diversity in Higher Education

Shifts in the gender, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic profiles, and of interest here, cultural back- grounds of students have lead to increasing diversity in the basic orientation, values, and priorities of higher education students. There is reason to think that this shift has lead to incongruities between institutional assumptions about, and students’ culturally derived orientations concerning, the appropriate relationship between “individuals,” “others,” and “institutions.” Such discord can complicate transactions between higher education institutions and the students they mean to serve, and may be at the root of some of the diversity related challenges that have become the subject of great discussion in recent years.

Author(s): Hurley, S. P. & Hurley E. A.
Publication: Empirical Research in Teaching and Learning: Contributions from Social Psychology. Mashek & Yost (EDS)
Year: 2011

Areas of Study: , , ,

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