The moderating role of centrality on associations between ethnic identity affirmation and ethnic minority college students’ mental health.

Ethnic affirmation, one aspect of ethnic identity, is positively associated with mental health. However, the associations between ethnic affirmation and healthy adjustment may vary depending on an individual’s importance of ethnic group membership (i.e., centrality). Using path analysis, the current study examined the relations between ethnic affirmation and indices of mental health (i.e., anxiety and depressive symptoms), and tested whether the process was moderated by ethnic centrality among 3,650 college students representing three ethnic groups (41% Latino/a, 35% Asian American, and 24% African American), recruited from a larger multisite university study. Results suggested that

Author(s): Brittain, A. S., Umana-Taylor, A. J., Lee, R.M., Zamboanga, B. L., Kim, S. Y., Weisskirch, R. S., Castillo, L. G., Whitbourne, S.K., Hurley, E. A., Huynh, Q., Brown, E.J. & Caraway, S.J.
Year: 2013

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