The Performance Gap: Stereotype Threat, Assessment & the Education of African American Children

Toward making this analysis, the chapter is organized around discussion of the following critical questions: (1) Why exactly do Black children underperform on standardized tests (proximal mechanisms)?; (2) Who/what is held responsible for the conditions that engender Black children’s poor performance (distal mechanisms)?; (3) What are the empiriĀ­ cal evidence supporting the theoretical model?; (4) What types ofsolutions does the nature of the model suggest?; (5) How plausible/realistic are the solutions proposed?; (6) What does the model contribute to the broader and popular discourse on Blackness and race relations in the United States? Without asserting that these are the only ones worthy of consideration, I wish to suggest at the outset that any description of, or prescription for, issues in Black education should be vetted against at least these six critical questions.

Author(s): Hurley, E.A.
Publication: Noel S. Anderson & Haroon Khareem (Eds.) Education as Freedom: African American educational thought and ideology (Critical essays). Rowan & Littlefield, Lexington Books, Lanham MD.
Year: 2009

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